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>> good morning. i am heather childers. >> i am patti ann browne. it is january 15th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". time now for the top 5@5:00. lance armstrong always denied it. >> i am never taking drugs and incidents like that could never happen. how clear is that. >> that was then this is now. >> a bombshell confession. he admit to do oprah winfrey he took performance enhancing drugs during his career. he visited his live strong cancer foundation before the interview with winfrey.
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he offered an apology to staff members. there's word armstrong may return some of the $30 million the u.s. postal service paid to sponsor him and testify against cycling officials who knew he doped. the interview is set to air on thursday. >> vice president joe biden will announce his recommendations on the task force to curve gun violence. president obama is working on 19 executive orders which would bypass congress. it will push to renew the assault weapons ban and universal background checks. you can't support the second amendment and restrictions. >> it is like the bible, either you believe it or you don't believe it. the constitution either you believe it or you don't. you live by it or you don't. people have tried to compromise it, tweak it, mold it to whatever best suits them financially or wlooefrn.
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>> many lawmakers are saying an assault weapons ban would not get passed. >> secretary of state hillary clinton will testify about the terror attack in benghazi on january 23rdrd. confirmed date in a statement. >> my intention is for this hearing to focus on why this attack was not better anticipated what leadership failures at the state department existed and what management deficiencies need to be corrected. she was to testify last month but she got sick and suffered a conclusion. four americans including ambassador chris stevens will killed in the september 11th attack. >> a mobster claims he knows where jimmy hoffa's body is. he says he is buryd in a field in suburban detroit about 20 miles from where he was last seen back in 75. he was buried in a shallow grave
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and to be moved later but it never happened. they say his comments should be taken seriously. the fbi hasn't commented on the revelation. >> former president george h.w. bush has been released from the hospital. he was hospital lied for nearly two months with a bronchitis related cough. let me add how touched we were by the many get well messages we received our men and fellow americans. my only concern is i will not be able to thooiveng of you for your kind words. that is your 5@5:00. no budging on the nation's debt crisis. he has no plans to negotiate with congress. kelly wright is live in
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washington with more on this. the nation is more than $16 trillion in debt. he is unwilling to negotiate with republican is setting the stage for another congressional battle. president obama says washington had to increase the debt ceiling in order to pay its bills. he singled out republican law americas warning them he will not negotiate on the matter adding brinkmanship would be absurd and irresponsible. >> raising the debt ceiling does not authorize us to spend more, all it does is say that america will pay it's bills. we are not a dead beat nation. >> in a statement john fwhier says the consequences of failing to increase the debt ceiling are real so, too, are the consequences of allowing our spending problem to go
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unresolved. republican senator mike lee of ue ah taw says the government needs put into place structural spending reform because simple spending cuts will no longer do the job. we are going to face another credit downgrade i fear because we will face it again without think being the way paushiwashi spends money. >> he is willing to work with republicans to reign in spending. he wants to conduct those talks separately from the gop to raise the debt ceiling. he hopes by doing so he can avert a first ever national default. >> kelly wright live in washington. thank you. it is time to take a look at who is talking. another big battle on capitol hill of course. the gun control debate. joe biden announced his task force regulations. we are hearing from one congressman who has a personal connection to this.
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>> despite the mash shoot something representative barber says he still supports the second mainedment. >> i feel very strongly that the second amendment should be protected and the supreme court has ruled and there's no question it is a right that all americans have a right to bear arms or have a rifle for that matter. but the issue of the magazines which were used in the shooting in tucson in january of 2011 that's one that we need to take a hard look at. the shooter in our case had 30 bullets in the magazine one more in the chamber in less than 45 seconds 19 people were down and 6 were killed. i saw my boss shot through the head i saw a colleague die by my side and i felt being shot twice. for me that what is city was a key to the extent of tthat day
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in newtown. the sooter there had many of these 30 round magazines on his body. he obviously unloaded a lot. we know the children were slaughtered and the adults, too. i don't want to see anybody's gun taken away but we could reduce the capacity of those magazines we could reduce a magnitude of the problem. >> barber says another area of focus needs to be on mental health and providing care to those in need. well check out this school video from glendale arizona. making the most of the chilly weather. they turned their bond into a hockey rink. >> the ice wasn't thick enough for them to stand on but they were able to pass the puck around in his backyard. >> now for the first degree weather update maria molina. still the weird temperatures out west we are told warm here.
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>> it will be a little weird today. making the most out of the coraled air. still looking at the temperatures below freezing across arizona. 39 right now in los angeles. if you live out here across the west we will be seeing temperatures on a warming trend over the next several days. be back to normal by the end of this week. in the northeast back to normal the last couple days as temperatures are dropping. we are already feeling a little bit of that across new york city early this morning. 36 degrees right now 27 in cleveland. the frontal boundary stalled out across the east producing showers rain and even freezing rain on the northern side of that storm system that is causing huge concerns across parts of mississippi. we have already picked up half an inch of ice accumulation which is dangerous for any one doing any driving. not going to move a whole lot. inpeeror portions of the east
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could be seeing snowfall and couple inches of accumulation. a freezing rain wouldn't be a concern for today with more ice expected. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> moving along would stories you can bank on this morning if you are looking to hill your home this would be a good year to do it. >> home prices will rise 6 percent this year on top of the 7 and a half percent increase last year. improving market will encourage more sellers to list their homes. that's good because the supply of homes for sales has fallen to a 7 year low as improving job market fuels purchases.
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>> other industry that saw higher sales at the automobile industry gm but one has taken the other. >> 9 top selling vehicles last year for toyota verses ghoents. toyota came roaring back with a 22 percent sales gain. not only did production return to normal for toyota but it also rolled out new versions of the popular models like the camry. they are expect to do retain the title of world's top auto maker this year. gm number two but volkswagon a close number 3. >> we mentioned the corvette coming out, the new corvette. >> finally if you are a veteran and you need a i don't knjob wa help you out. >> reportedly announcing a plan today to hire every single veteran to wants a job. the announcement will be made by the ceo of wal-mart.
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the program slated to begin memorial day. it will lead to a hiring of 400,000 people in the next five years. it is the largest hiring efforts ever for vetrans. >> we are glad wal-mart is doing it. >> it is time to brew on this. a high school in massachusetts with a history of under aged drinking problem at school dances is considering drastic measures. belmont high school will have cops at the door giving breathalyzer tests to students. belmont high is known for it in 2005 where they were having breathalyzers. students still showed up drunk. are breathalyzers at school dances a good idea or is the school going too far?
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tweet them to us at fox friends first or e-mail to us at 12 after the hour. even if the defense department vieds the automatic sequestration cuts in march some say the military could receive cuts. jennifer griffin explains why. a long time teacher is fired for give ago student exactly what he wanted a copy of the bible. a look at the gas prices. the national average 3.31 cents. that's unchanged from yesterday.
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>> welcome back. in just a few hours the house will take up a 51 billi$51 bill bill. peter king is optimistic it will pass. >> it's not going to be easy. right now i am confident the
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votes are there. >> some lawmakers say the bill must be stripped of money that includes project he cans unrelated to sand sy. >> brad baker was found shot to death at the farm he managed back in 1980. police say new technology and information led them to a suspect in west virginia. his name has not been released. patti ann. >> the state of the u.s. military is very much in flux. the pentagon is looking at severe budget cuts. fox news national correspondent jennifer griffin on what it could mean. >> as the pentagon faced the ke deep cuts large defense cuts are still looming. the man overseeing the cuts is c if confirmed is chuck hagel. in august 2011 hagel said the
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defense department was bloated adding quote the pentagon needs to be paired down. i don't think our military has looked at themselves strategically, critically in a long, long time. >> there's no reason why a secretary of defense should go into office thinking can't change anything can't cut anything. >> he has gone from being a war model fight it would go wars to a one-and a half war strategy under president obama given cuts over recent years. >> what everybody forgets is if we suddenly have a crisis in the gulf with iran, if we suddenly face a nuclear issue which forces us to deal with preventive strikes, then we have a completely different defense and military spending profile again. >> the u.s. army is preparing to eliminate two of the 8 brigades in europe and may cut 8 more reducing the army by 80,000 troops. hagel has endorsed deep cuts backing a report by the group
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global zero calling for an 80 percent reduction in the weapons arsenal which could save 100 billion over ten years. >> the problem is if you are going to cut the nuclear forces and the nuclear stockpile you have to modernize it. you have to be absolutely certain the remaining weapons can meet the needs and are fully reliable. >> on friday the air force says budget cuts are forcing it to reduce flying hours and the size of the force. back to you in new york. jennifer griffin, thank you. >> the time right now 18 after the hour. next on the rundown a 5-year-old girl snatched from her school by a complete stranger and the whole thing is caught on camera. police are asking for help finding this little girl. then new year, new you, but if you think you should buy a gym membership right now you are wrong. vera gibbons on what you should spend your money on this month.
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>> welcome back. 22 minutes after the top of the hour. she is accused of pushing a man to his death into an oncoming subway train. now erica mendez will have her day in court after being fit to stand trial. she admitted to pushing the 46-year-old man because she thought he was muslim and wanted revenge for september 11th. demolition crews where lee harvey oswald lived before he assassinated president john f. kennedy. a woman bought the building after 2007 looking to restore it. last may the city had a court order to have it raised and took
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over demolition. patti ann? >> timing is everything, right? there is a right time to purchase things. so what should you be buying in january and what should you steer clear of? let that personal finance expert vera givens. >> good morning. workout gear. >> treadmills ellipticals home exercise equipment, fitness, dvd's apparel even sneakers. typical savings would be 35 to potentially 50 percent off this time of year. that's the kind of stuff want to load up on. >> the reason being christmas is over. >> if you lost a few pounds extend the momentum. don't buy the gym membership. gyms are packed these days. everyone made the resolution to lose weight. wait on that one. they offer in a couple monthses they will offer deals. >> when everybody gives up. >> gadgets. >> consumer electronic show is
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over. whatever is leftover is on clearance. clearance prices on everything from tablets to computer tablets dvd players. that would be a question. what would be a no would be the big tv. 60 inch. better deal on those right around super bowl sunday according to deal you are going to see the most notable price drops. >> good to know. then fore the home. you want to buy linens toils, furniture. >> furniture deals are good right now, too, because it's a lull in their business. also this is a time where they switch out the old and bring in the new. you are planning significant deals on everything from sofas the whole nine yards. if you are in the market for this type of thing this is a yes. skip the mattresses there are very big deals but the blowouts are president day sales. >> all right. when it comes to winter wear
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very good deal. >> mark downs on the winter coats. they are more significant in maybe month or two but the selection is limited. if you find a winter coat you like it's 40, 50 percent off. one thing you want to skip, skis snow boards high demand that means high prices. wait until april or may. >> even though it's january it's not like it's too late already. people are still buying therefore they don't have the incentive to lower the prices. >> that's right. supply and demand. >> thank you as always. >> the time 25 after the hour. coming up he spent months behind bars in a mexican prison for doing what he was told. >> they throw threats at you and your family. tell you, we need your money. >> we will have more from the marine's first interview since his release. physical evidence in the mysterious death of hollywood
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star let nataliewood. what investigators found on her body. first on this day in history sullen burger perfo-- sulley sullenberger performed a miracle on the hudson. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is karen anjeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they' gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children laughing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married, they'll find some retirement people who are paid on salary, not commission. they'll get straightforward guidance and be able to focus on other things, like each other, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
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sully sullenberger. >> welcome back to "fox & friends" fist. >> i am patty ann brown. >> i am heather childers. >> the top five stories making news at this hour an amber lart for a missing 5-year-old in philadelphia. check this out surveillance video shows nail law robinson the moment she was abducted from her elementary school. she left a building with a woman who pretended to be her mother. >> please don't hurt my child. i just want my baby to come home. >> they say she is around 4 feet tall and weighs 45 pounds. she was last seen wearing light blue shirts and navy pants. a 10,000 dollar reward is being offered for her safe return. >> hope they find her. >> in a few hours a major law enforcement group will put new york journal news on notice.
2:32 am
they will hold a news conference to speak out against the paper's decision to publishing the names and addressing of registered gun owners. many officers and families are concerned the officers have p-- paper put their lives in danger. >> several law enforcement personnel are coming together that represents personnel through out the state to make it absolutely clear to the journal news that a single hair is harmed on on the head of any personnel or their families they are going to hold the journal news responsible. >> they continued to defend publishing the information. >> an american pastor jailed in his home iran is jailed for his faith. he's set to go before the notorious so-called hanging judges on charges of compromising national security. he has been locked up since september when he returned to
2:33 am
iran to visit family. a substitute teacher in new jersey fired after he allegedly shared a bible verse with a student and gave that staup dent his own pocket sized bible at the student's request. now the people in the community are speaking out in favor of the teacher. >> if this situation has lowered itself into a personal vendetta by the board against him this board should be ashamed of themselves. >> they decided to remove him from the substitute teacher list for breaking the policy. >> now the hometown of hero teacher victoria soto is honoring her by naming the
2:34 am
school after her. her family was there the mayor says there are plans to build a memorial in the town. that is your 5@5:30. >> president owe bhaum stepping up pressure on congressional republicans over the nation's debt crisis. kelly wright with more on that. >> good morning do you as well. the debt lines are clearly defined. as a matter of fact the president drawing a line in the sand saying he will not negotiate with congressional republicans on raising this nation's debt ceiling. he says it must be raised in order to pay down on america's bills. >> we are not a dead beat nation. >> with that we must understand
2:35 am
that america is a nation that is in debt to the whopping amount of $16 trillion. republican law americas are demanding spending cuts be made to entitlement programs before they raise the debt limit. americans do not support raising the debt ceiling without lowering government spenteding. boehner says the consequences of failing to raise the debt ceiling are real but so, too, are allowing the spend be problems to go unresolved. president obama told reporters he is willing to work with republicans to reign in spending but he wants to have those talks separate from raising the debt ceiling. >> while i am willing to p compromise and find common ground over the deficit we cannot afford a debate about whether or not they should pay the bills they have already racked up. congressional republicans refuse
2:36 am
to pay america's bills on time social security checks and veteran's benefits will be delayed. >> we are not going to do it without putting in place a spending reform. these cuts promise to transpire but never do are not going to do the job any more. >> senate republican leader mitch mcconnell wanted to say the president needs to get serious about it. you can see the battle lines clearly drawn in washington. >> also pointing out in 2006 president obama then senator voted against raising the
2:37 am
ceiling. >> they discussed his time spent in prison whether he feared for his life and what the first moments were like for him. >> i came in the prison around 3 in the morning. initially there's some pressure put on me. they tried to export money from the family, but the american consulate was contacted and they moved me out of the general population and put me into like a single place by myself. >> how did they try to export money from you? >> they call your family, they throw threats at you and your family tell you we need your money. >> or? >> they didn't tell me for what? >> sdhent threaten you with
2:38 am
violence? >> yes. there was threats on my life when i initially got in there. >> during this time he was also chained up not given food and as you heard feared for his life. here's more of his interview on "the o'reilly factor". >> what was your fear factor? were you afraid for your life? were you fearful? >> there's definitely a time in there where i had to keep that in mind but i wouldn't really concentrate on that, because i didn't want that to make me have any mistakes or anything lake that. >> how did you pass the time? >> it was very slow. it's a lot of being inside your head, you know. it's difficult. >> was there anything you could do? did you have any books, did you have any radio or anything like that? >> i had two books while i was in there that i got from the
2:39 am
american consulate. >> and they were? >> i read the last end of fox company it's about the marine corps in north korea and i also read the bible. i read the whole old testament and almost all of the new testament. >> corporal hammer says he has almost no will toward mexico and still thinks it's a great country. before you leave the house this morning let's get your first degree weather update with maria molina. >> some unusual weather across the country. >> that's right. we had unusual weather over the weekend even yesterday with cold temperatures across places in the southwest where you don't typically get it and mild temperatures in places like the northeast. very unusual stuff.
2:40 am
>> big story with the storm system is we have cold air mixing in with the rainfall and producing freezing rain. we have reports of half an inch of ice over northern parts of louisiana and mississippi. across the northeast relatively quite for now. we had rain in the overnight hours for now across new york city. we will get a bit of a break in it. this front will remain stalled out. we are talking about accumulations as much as 3-6 inches across the interior sections of the northeast as we head into tonight and tomorrow. across the ice more rain there. later on this morning we could see additional half an inch of ice here. trees coming down power outages. here's a look at the forecast. for today a bit of a reality check across the northeast and temperature also keep coming down over the next couple days.
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>> i will just look down there at the 81 in tampa. it is time now to entertain this. brand new details in the death of natalie wood. coroner's report reveal she had bruises on her forearm, thy and leg before drowning oh 30 years ago. they changed her death to undetermined factors. she was with robert wagner and actor christopher walken. >> julianne huff tore it up. she slit her tight dress wide open. >> we have a sneak peak of beyonce's hbo documentary. >> she was crazy.
2:42 am
she was trying to hide it. >> life has been a dream. starting lineup here is hot sports stories today. he trained for hours at a community college in arizona. he ran xrinsprints did drills. they are either going to trade or release teeb bbow. >> cavaliers may be eyeing lebron james for 2014. james could become a free agent then which could open the door for the former team. they were live individual when lebron played for the heat. unlv building a stadium called
2:43 am
unlv now. it could cost $800 million. it will have a 100 yard long video screen two clubs and 6 vip suites. it would be an upgrade over the ho home>> coming up get up stand-up. why you will think twice before standing up at the office. >> an express delivery in cost cuts. why you will be seeing a change in mail service sooner than you thought.
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>> 45 after the hour. overnight the french military bombed a small town targeting islamist rebels. they are pledging to help the fight by sharing intelligence
2:47 am
and air lift support. the u.s. says it might speend a small number of troops but only in a support role. by the middle of next year they will likely have enough your rain yum to make one or more nuclear weapons. that is according to a new report in which arms control experts have tougher sanctions and threat for military action to stop iran from reach that go point. russia dangerously low temperatures have hit eastern siberia heating centers and traffic lights were damaged after the temperatures plummeted to 50 below celsius. it could warm up this weaned but only to 30 below. >> the cash strapped u.s. postal service continues to wait for a bailout from congress. in the meantime it has been told it must speed up cost cutting measures as it may run out of crash within a few short months. fox business network diane macedo joins us. >> the postal service board of
2:48 am
governors directed the agencies to speed up cost cutting and revenue boosting as legislation to over hall it's operations remain stalled. the 238-year-old institution has recently been struggling to keep up with massive payments for future retiree benefits and more and more americans communicate by e-mail now. they are bringing in less revenue as well. last year the agency lost almost $16 billion ran into the legal borrowing limit and twidefaulte twice on required payments. while they have been counting on congress to pass legislation bliem nating saturday mail delivery and assaulter others budget fights and other priorities get in the way. the postal service could run out of money by october. still the board of governors is saying don't act too aggressively and phase in new cost cutting measures to avoid damaging quality of service. the postal service hasn't revealed what measure it tends
2:49 am
to pursue but it will reveal them once it informs postal employees of the details. >> you will let us know after that. 47 after the top of the hour. coming up next on "the rundown", do you spend hours a day sitting at your desk or in front of a computer, bhieb the stools. it could kill you why you should be standing up. >> the glitz and glamor at the festivities. >> receive dos see has more coming up on "fox & friends". >> new york times taking a shot at judge andrew napolitano. he is going to drop by and defend himself. >> lance armstrong. he is perhaps the biggest liar of all times. he is apparently spilling the beans to oprah. does your kid have a runny nose? it might not be the flu. it could be fast food.
2:50 am
fox and frindz kicks off in 11 minutes right now right here on "the fox news channel.
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>> welcome back. 52 minutes after the hour. jevon belcher autopsy revealing he was drugged when he killed his girlfriend and himself last month. his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. he did not have drugs in his system. do you set at your desk all day long? it might be killing you. experts find after one hour of sitting you stop burning fat by 90 percent and metabolism slows way down. that puts you at greater risk for heart disease, diabetes and cancer. patti ann.
2:54 am
>> president obama's second inauguration is less than a week away. nearly 1,000 people donated to the inaugural committee. mixing money and mol ticks could influence the president's priorities. >> good morning. a handful of corporate donors are contributing money to the inaugural festivities which is a big shift from four years ago. the president's team said it would not accept corporate cash. now there are those who accept the change that president obama has stopped the role of curbing the role in politics. inaugural event such as at&t and microsoft hold lucrative contracts an critics say this should all be illegal. >> this town can be sleazy. this just contributes to the sleaziness of it. it's not a good thing.
2:55 am
it is against the law. this is just an extension of the campaign. so it's a bad idea. >> final preparations are being made for the celebration of president's inauguration. this is the most expensive campaign in history so their goal is making sure they make the fundraising requirements. there is no evidence this corporate cash is changing his priorities or focus. >> the president has taken unprecedented action on transparency. he has been the most transparent in terms of allowing people to know who has access to the white house, his meeting at the white house, lobbiy yiss ban it is had to argue that he is doing something wrong or inappropriate. >> but mr. obama came to washington pledge to go set the bar higher. now critics say he's embracing a system he frequently criticized.
2:56 am
allies say changing money in politics will require presidential leadership. patti ann, heather? >> mike emanuel, thank you. still ahead, it may sound like a scene out of oceans 11, but this bank robbery all too real. >> it's your last chance to answer our question of the day. is requiring students to take a breath liedzer before school dances a good idea or is it going too far? we will have e-mails next. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! :
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from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just click away with our free mobile app.
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in the middle of the night it can be frustrating. it's hard to turn off and go back to sleep. intermezzo is the first and only prescription sleep aid approved for use as needed in the middle of the night when you can't get back to sleep. it's an effective sleep medicine you don't take before bedtime. take it in bed only when you need it and have at least four hours left for sleep. do not take intermezzo if you have had an allergic reaction to drugs containing zolpidem, such as ambien. allergic reactions such as shortness of breath or swelling of your tongue or throat may occur and may be fatal. intermezzo should not be taken if you have taken another sleep medicine at bedtime or in the middle of the night or drank alcohol that day. do not drive or operate machinery until at least 4 hours after taking intermezzo and you're fully awake. driving, eating, or engaging in other activities while not fully awake without remembering the event the next day have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations, or confusion.
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alcohol or taking other medicines that make you sleepy maincrease these risks. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. intermezzo, like most sleep medicines, has some risk of dependency. common side fects are headache, nausea, and fatigue. so if you suffer from middle-of-the-night insomnia, ask your docto about intermezzo and return to sleep again. ♪ >> two minutes till the top of the hour as we take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. blueberries and strawberries might be the key to lowering a woman's risk for heart attack. a study found women who eat three to four servings a week are less likely to have a heart attack in 20

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